What would it take to make this choice…?

What arises within you when I say happiness is a choice?

It took me a long time to really connect with this truth. To know it in my soul.

It took  constant redirection of my thoughts and pushing myself into the behaviors I knew would provide the rewards worth working for.

It feels like two sides of my brain competing for power. Do you ever feel that way?

This struggle for control shows up a lot when creating new, healthy habits. For example, one side says let’s make a change. The other side says let’s stay the same.  Or, when deciding where to direct our thoughts; for instance, to focus on a piece of feedback as criticism, rather than as a gift for growth.

I have personally undergone a tremendous amount of interpersonal, emotional healing work. Participated in alternative and complementary therapies to build self awareness. Studied the mechanisms of the mind-body function that we undergo as humans. And it is only now, working both with a coach and as a coach, that I finally see the choice is clearly mine.

I choose to be happy. Healthy. Whole.

What would it take for you to make this choice?



How I reverse negative thinking

In case you missed it, today I am sharing a presentation I gave last month on my concept Thought Swapping. Thought swapping enables you to become open to new possibilities and replace bad habits with better choices. This process maximizes opportunities for personal and professional growth by allowing you to see how your behaviors are driven by rewards.

The 5 Steps of Thought Swapping are:

  1. Visualize the possibilities
  2. Connect to purpose
  3. Identify barriers
  4. Replace barriers with rewards
  5. Engage in a new behavior

Click the link below to watch my presentation and learn how I reversed my negative thinking about dogs to become a bonafide dog person!