I'm Jess

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, psychology nerd and entrepreneur, I’ve been interested in what makes people tick for as long as I can remember. I cultivated my fascination of the human condition into a career as a helping professional and with tens of thousands of hours and nearly 2 decades of practice, I am still motivated to help others live their best lives.

I believe that by helping others connect with their true selves, by practicing self- love and acceptance, collectively we can create a movement of compassion. The world needs people committed to bringing forward their best selves. In order to sustain greatness, you have to feel great along the way. I have made this pursuit my personal mission, as well as my career.

I am a life longer learner, committed to my education. Since I have lived the psychology of change for so long, I can help transfer that knowledge to you through our time together. I am focused on the power of change through relationships, and uphold a high standard of personalization and professionalism that my clients find unique and refreshing.

When I am not nerding out on developmental neuroscience, you can typically find me in my comfy clothes playing with my dog Moonshine down at the dock, in a hot yoga class, or preparing some gluten free, diary free, plant based deliciousness for myself and husband. 

Most of all, I love to be playful and silly knowing that laughter is the best medicine!

Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, pre, and perinatal psychology: Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

Bachelor of Science, Human Development and Family Studies, child and adolescent development: UNC Greensboro

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach: International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching
Certified Integrative Health Coach: Duke Integrative Medicine

Licensed and Board Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapy Diploma: The Body Therapy Institute

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr: Kunga Yoga School, Wilmington Yoga Center

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Address 1900 Eastwood RD Wilmington, NC 28403