My philosophy

As a sensitive child I was aware that the adults around me were stressed. As I entered adolescence the stress I experienced (by way of the relationships I had with those stressed adults) led to terrible emotional despair.  As I began my healing journey I was puzzled by the things that allowed some people to be happy, while others struggled.

As I explored various healing arts and considered the biggest impacts on lifespan health, I discovered the foundation for health and happiness rested in large part on early experience that shape the brain and nervous system. I’m talking about the experience you have from the point of conception, at your birth and the first few years that follow. 

At my core, I am an advocate for early optimal development. Supporting parents and babies is the best thing I can do to make a difference, so I started Happy Families Happy Babies in 2008. There are many mainstream misconceptions about what babies need and how to meet those needs while also protecting your own mental health. Parenting is hard and babies are shaped within this context of stress. 

Therein lies the need for the second branch of my business, Health Impacts. This is about “adulting”. That is, doing your best to create a happy, healthy life regardless of your early developmental experiences. 

As someone who has struggled with their mental health since childhood, and gotten an education to understand what happened, and made all the lifestyle changes to take excellent care of myself, I know that having a champion makes a difference. 

If you are looking for support to make changes in your lifestyle, optimize your health, broaden your perspective, clear up confusion about who you are and what you want, my services can help you. If you are caring for a child or planning to become pregnant, spend some time working on your self…it’s the best thing you can do for those you love.



Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, pre and perinatal psychology: Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

Bachelor of Science, Human Development and Family Studies, child and adolescent development: UNC Greensboro

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach: International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching

Certified Integrative Health Coach: Duke Integrative Medicine

Licensed (NC#6879 )and Board Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapy Diploma: The Body Therapy Institute

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr: Kunga Yoga School, Wilmington Yoga Center

Fees: My business is fee for service. I accept cash, check, cards and electronic payments through Venmo and Paypal. Please contact me for specific service pricing. No insurance is accepted at this time. 

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mental health therapist and my services should complement, not replace medical care. 

Policies: Let’s bring mutual respect to this professional working relationship.