Monday blues?

It’s Monday. Many peoples’ most dreaded day. If you’re living for the weekend and feeling low on Mondays it may be due to a lack in one key aspect of life…play.

Play is about joy. In a world of endless responsibilities, it can feel like a waste of time to stop and engage in something that has no practical purpose other than to help you feel connected to joy.

Part of reconnecting to play as an adult is taking notice of how you feel about the notion. Here are a few of the common reactions my clients have when we talk about playing:

“How can I play when I’m the adult taking care of everyone?”

“There is too much to do, I don’t have time to play.”

“Playful people lack responsibility- it’s that attitude that leaves me having to pick up the slack.”

Do any of these statements ring true for you?

Here’s the problem when we forget to play: Life is all too serious and we forget how to nurture our spirit, and ultimately ill health and bad attitudes dominate our sense of self. All we see is work. The tasks pile up and we can never do enough. We are crushed beneath the creation of our own adult-self.

Learning how to play, or making the time for it, doesn’t mean we abandon responsibility. Most people who have forgotten to prioritize joy have the adult-thing down! It will be there when you return from a swim in the sea, a picnic in the grass, an hour in the art studio. Your children will feel more connected to you if you know how to play and wisely maintain your parenting boundaries as needed. Your co-workers will wonder what your secret is. You will no longer have to work for the weekend or dread Mondays because play will be a part of your everyday.

Letting go of taking everything so seriously is part of finding balance. It’s my passion and purpose to help you along the way.

To reconnect with your joy, let’s talk. I’m an e-mail or phone call away.

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