How do you stay inspired?

Fresh Air with Terry Gross is one of my favorite podcasts. I am always inspired by the interviews.

Yesterday was one of those days when I woke up feeling exhausted. I had a big day ahead of me and wasn’t sure how I was going to stay resourced. During my lunch break, I decided to lay on the floor with my feet up on the ottoman and listen to a recent Fresh Air interview. I needed some inspiration.

The guest on the show was David Sedaris. He’s the type of person who would make a remarkable coaching client because he maintains a dream for himself. He has┬ávision with very specific lifestyle features he clearly wants. Driving his actions? The desire to really be somebody.

He is honest about his shadow material- the stuff that is forbidden- like his list of reasons to stay alive when life didn’t seem worth living and the ways he hid behind substance abuse to deny himself his dreams. Casting light on the shadow enables us to gain power over our self-sabotage.

He’s a very successful now, specifically known for his humorous memoirs, and Terry asked him about his life now that he has “made it”. So, is it everything you thought it would be? she asked. The calrity in his answer is what struck me. Yes, he said. It was everything and more.

Working for our dreams does pay off. Holding a vision makes getting there all the more rewarding.

How connected are you to your dreams, your desire to be somebody? How clear are you on exactly what you want your lifestyle to be?

I’d love to hear from you. Getting into these nitty gritty details is my passion. Helping you get there is my purpose.

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