More of what we want

For most of us busy professional types, there are external drivers pushing our schedule. Meetings, deadlines, project management, task completion. We are familiar with the feeling of reacting to a stimulus- alarm goes off, baby cries, phone rings. We watch the clock. We are pressed for time.

How often do you allow yourself to be motivated by internal forces? To pause before automatic actions in order to feel into the impulse to stay or go, move or remain still. How often do you stop to ask yourself, “what do I want to do?” not “what do I need to do”, and then actually do it.

When you open your eyes tomorrow morning, notice what happens. Will you move automatically to jump out of bed, hit the bathroom, make the coffee…

Or, will you open your eyes and pause. Feel into an alternative. Wait for the driver of action to come from within. An intentional choice to act, or not. To see what you feel like doing. To see what can arise from moving outside of a habit.