What is your dream?

Do you know what you’re working towards? A paycheck, or pay out? To give your children opportunities? To buy or build that dream house? Success, esteem or recognition? Maybe you’re working a plan that will open up opportunities for greater joy and connection to purpose.

What is your dream? At the end of the day do you feel you have moved the needle a bit closer to achieving your dream? How much time have you spent thinking about what you’re creating for yourself today, and how that is a path towards your 10, 20, or 30 year future?

My dad has spent a lot of time thinking about his dream. It has been a gift to hear about it.

Dad is a story teller. He is one of those “let’s sit down and visit” types. When we spend time together, it is all about the conversation.

Many of his stories are about Arkansas, and the Buffalo River National Park. He moved to Arkansas when he was 24. A young man with a plan to settle on his own land, homestead a sustainable dwelling, and raise a family. I was 4 when we left, but some of my earliest memories are from there.

Life takes twists and turns- detours from the path of intention. So often my plans have “not worked.” At least that’s how it felt at the time. I began to call plans “ideas” to put less emotion into their actualization. It wasn’t fair to consider myself a failure because things didn’t work out the way I had planned. I can now see how every step along the way is meaningful.

This weekend my dad and I are on a trip to the place from all his stories. I am learning about the man who is my father, about his memories and visions for the future, and why these things matter to him. I am also asking what his “detour” away from Arkansas has meant to him, the meaning and experiences that are also part of his story. I have no idea what will come next…

Is dreaming enough? Does hope keep us going, even if we never reach the goal? What is your dream? Are you living it already?


Me, in front of the Buffalo River. The river and surrounding parkland is beautiful. It is the nation’s only free flowing river, which means no damns.


Daddy, back to his happy place. Tomorrow he wants to “float” the river (AKA canoe). I hope the weather improves. Today it is 34 degrees with a wintery mix falling. Snow is beginning to accumlate and there is a clear frost line showing along the mountains.