Self awareness through accupuncture

Today I had the most lovely of unexpected experiences.

I was invited by Julie Hackmann, L.Ac. founder and acupuncturist of Oceana Accupuncture to visit her newly opened Wilmington, NC practice. Julie specializes in women’s reproductive issues and is certified to provide fertility and prenatal treatments. Her boutique office near Wrightsville Beach is absolutely gorgeous, second only to her warm and inviting manner.

Julie provided a general wellness treatment which included the needle work as well as tuning forks. I am sensitive to the needles and let her know I was a bit needle phobic as she prepared to treat me. It is therapeutic for me to express my fears while with my providers, and Julie was very receptive, providing immediate education on both the needles and her approach to placement. I continued to provide feedback as she helped me settle in to rest on the table, which allows the treatment to unfold.

As I relaxed on the table I was checking in with my body. I tracked the present sensations occurring in relationship to the needles, the tuning forks, the bodywork table, and my thoughts. While I was lying there I thought what a unique gift it was to check in with myself in such a therapeutic environment. The experience left me feeling grounded, with a heightened sense of awareness.

I highly recommend checking out acupuncture whether for the first time, after a long time, or if you’re a regular, just to experience new providers . A well rounded healthcare team is essential to maintaining balance.  Taking care of your health is the gift that keeps on giving. The biggest reward for me is my personal evolution, which is deepened through complementary and alternative therapies.

Is there any gift greater than self awareness?