Become a happier person through integrative health coaching.

A health coach with a developmental lens on health and healing

We didn’t get where we are overnight. And, we won’t know where we are heading without a game plan. If you want less stress and more joy along your journey, I can help. Making a positive change today, with bring you health impacts tomorrow!

Sometimes people want a quick fix. But, when it comes to making lasting changes to your health, what’s important is working with someone who is interested in making a real connection with you. As your health coach my job is to respect you, be curious about what’s happening in your life, be on your side, and confront you in a compassionate way that helps you get past your old habits and open up to positive life changes. These, are your health impacts…

The Mental Makeover is my signature program. Check it out...

Mental Makeover STEP 1:


Everyone has an inner family, AKA your “cast of characters”. These are the parts of yourself that compete for a voice and control over your choices. In this 90 minute coaching session we will explore your cast, so priorities and barriers to success become clear. We need to bring light to the desires of each character and learn how they can help you on your journey to greater health and happiness. Schedule a virtual or in person session to meet your:

  • Inner child
  • Inner critic
  • Shadow
  • Mask
  • Wise adult
  • Essence

Mental Makeover STEP 2:

30 Days of Personalized Coaching

Once you’ve met your Cast of Characters, continue the work with 4 weeks of personalized coaching. Each week will start with a 60 minute virtual or in person session, to introduce a theme and mindset tool. Once you understand the concept we use our time together to apply it to something you’re working on (or want to work on) in life. By the end of each week you’ll have a new framework for getting more of what you want. By the end of the program, you’ll feel mentally renewed, refreshed, and refocused. I’m a quick e-mail away from answering your questions and helping you get started! 

  • Week 1: Thought swapping
  • Week 2: Non-violent communication
  • Week 3: Design think your life 
  • Week 4: Reintroduce your wise adult


“Yesterday I had an online Skype session with Jessica and although I’m 4,000 miles away (S. Spain), it felt as though she were right here in my living room with me. After our initial consultation Jessica surprised me by suggesting a methodology that I’ve never even considered before, yet it was exactly what I needed. Her insights were extremely helpful in clearly describing the treatment, its underlying protocols and its effectiveness. Jessica’s approach to the session has been extremely professional, informative and supportive.”

-Bonnie Ene


“I have had the opportunity to work with Jess for a couple of years now and it’s been tremendously beneficial for me! To say that Jess is optimistic would be a gross understatement as she is the epitome of the person who sees obstacles or problems as opportunities for learning and growth. She has the unique ability to listen fully, actively – and from all the chatter – be able to tease out the key, the cornerstone, the fundamental element of the issue. Then she proffers a non-judgmental question that gives me the opportunity to discover the answer for myself. She encourages critical self-examination, and you don’t even realize she’s doing it! Her tone is always intelligent, gentle, and she has a sense of humor! She is the very definition of a Success Coach.”

-Dennis Murphy 

“Jessica’s Virtual Meditation Coaching has really made a positive impact on my life. I had always known I would benefit from meditation, but had a hard time implementing it in my daily routine – even with all the apps available. After a few virtual sessions with Jessica, I am on the road to having a healthy and regular meditation practice that helps me reduce stress and anxiety and keeps me grounded as I navigate the day to day of being a busy working mom. I highly recommend Jessica and Health Impacts if you’re interested in taking the next step toward a more balanced life.”

-Lauren Cosby

Get your health impacts through...

Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative health coaching takes your focus in the future to discover ways to live a healthier, happier life. The process begins by identifying your vision and values. What do you want for yourself? What is and isn’t working for you right now? Set goals and receive accountability as you work to balance your lifestyle. Become masterful at seeing the integrative nature of your health in 10 key areas of life: mind-body connection, mindful awareness, physical environment, movement-exercise-rest, nutrition, spirituality, conventional and complementary care, finances, and personal and professional development. 

Massage and Bodywork

I’ve been a bodyworker since 2006 with a special interest in using the body as a deep source for mind-body healing. I am not working “on” your body, but rather “with” your body to listen and facilitate integration and recovery from physical and emotional stress. My modalities include soft tissue table massage, Functional Bowen, myofascial release, craniosacral, and Thai yoga massage. I work with people of all ages and love doing specific therapeutic work as well as deeply relaxing full body massage.

Yoga and Mindfulness

In college I learned yoga through a 20 minute Rodney Yee, power flow video. From there I tried out different studios, studied books, and kept on practicing. Yoga gave me a mindful, body-based practice that has supported my emotional, physical, and spiritual health over the years. It was after nearly 2 decades of personal practice that I decided to become a certified instructor and lead classes of my own. I love the energy I receive from teaching and welcome new private / semi private students to join me in my therapeutic teaching space. Public classes can be found on the Events page.


I love creating a safe space for groups to experiment with therapeutic  concepts. My workshops change based on my current interests and the needs of the communities I serve. Check the events page for upcoming offerings which may include communication classes, couples massage workshops, leadership development series, and more. Give me a call to begin putting together a custom workshop  or presentation specific for your group. 

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