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Stressed? Burned out?
Over Committed?
Have you thought about your mental health lately?

Are you ready?

To live a life with meaning and intention? A life that fills you up as opposed to overwhelming or depleting you? 

Schedule your Cast of Characters experience and jump into YOUR Mental Makeover!

Fueled by years of education and experience, I am fully committed to helping high-flyers like you accelerate success by pulling back just enough to see things through a new perspective. Then…BAM! With renewed focused you will hit your target with less struggle and self sabotage. There’s no turning back for those who master control over their internal mind scripts.

What’s the point of working so hard if you can’t enjoy your success?



Mastery of your internal mind scripts is an essential element to effective leadership and achieving true greatness, regardless of your pursuit.

In this 90- minute virtual or in person coaching session, you will:

  •  Discover your mind scripts- the ones holding you back and the ones pushing you to the top of your game
  •  Identify competing priorities that lead to unnecessary stress
  • Stand with clarity about who you are and what you want

This may just be the most enlightening hour and a half of your life!



Once you’ve met your Cast of Characters, continue the work with four weeks of personalized coaching.  Honestly, everyone could use a coach. Setting goals alone is useless without a partner, confidant, or mirror to reflect back what’s happening. Develop the mindset tools needed to keep yourself on track and enjoy an exponentially elevated sense of self-awareness.

In these 4, one hour sessions (virtual or in-person), and two, 15 minute phone check- ins per week, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find renewed motivation and greater reward by adjusting your thought patters with my … mind control mechanisms
  • Get more of what you want and need through a powerful communication framework
  • Use humor and creativity while you work to bring your best self out into the world
  • Level up and write a new chapter, starring your best self

    Every makeover requires maintenance; at the completion of your program, a customized coaching plan can be created to sustain your greatness indefinitely


“Yesterday I had an online Skype session with Jessica and although I’m 4,000 miles away (S. Spain), it felt as though she were right here in my living room with me. After our initial consultation Jessica surprised me by suggesting a methodology that I’ve never even considered before, yet it was exactly what I needed. Her insights were extremely helpful in clearly describing the treatment, its underlying protocols and its effectiveness. Jessica’s approach to the session has been extremely professional, informative and supportive.”

-Bonnie Ene


“I have had the opportunity to work with Jess for a couple of years now and it’s been tremendously beneficial for me! To say that Jess is optimistic would be a gross understatement as she is the epitome of the person who sees obstacles or problems as opportunities for learning and growth. She has the unique ability to listen fully, actively – and from all the chatter – be able to tease out the key, the cornerstone, the fundamental element of the issue. Then she proffers a non-judgmental question that gives me the opportunity to discover the answer for myself. She encourages critical self-examination, and you don’t even realize she’s doing it! Her tone is always intelligent, gentle, and she has a sense of humor! She is the very definition of a Success Coach.”

-Dennis Murphy 

“Jessica’s Virtual Meditation Coaching has really made a positive impact on my life. I had always known I would benefit from meditation, but had a hard time implementing it in my daily routine – even with all the apps available. After a few virtual sessions with Jessica, I am on the road to having a healthy and regular meditation practice that helps me reduce stress and anxiety and keeps me grounded as I navigate the day to day of being a busy working mom. I highly recommend Jessica and Health Impacts if you’re interested in taking the next step toward a more balanced life.”

-Lauren Cosby

Additional Services


To broaden the Health Impacts, I offer workplace wellness programs on a made to order basis. Whether you need a one time knock-their-socks-off presentation, a full day attitude-adjustment workshop, or a transformational multi-week program, I can deliver. Contact me today, and we will get a plan in motion.


 Everyone comes to retreat for a different reason, I will help you clarify an intention for your get away, and make the most of your time through thoughtfully planned activities including yoga, surfing, paddling boarding, personal coaching, nutrition planning, and more. Check the events page for our annual retreat calendar!


Small group and private yoga are offered to help restore energy and relax your mind-body and spirit. Learning to slow down and pay attention through mindfulness, breathwork, and physical asana is a disciplined practice to balance all that busyness.


Effective, forward directed support to help you reach your potential. Get clear on what you (really) want and how to remove mental barriers to success. Declare a vision, stand in your values, and go get it!

Laughter is the best medicine

When you’re on a mission, it never stops. Trust me, I’ve been there: Over thinking. Juggling. Hustling.

I dub my own mental makeover: Stress Jess to Mellow J.

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