What is Happy Families Happy Babies?

May 6, 2018

Happy Families Happy Babies At my core I am a developmental psychologist, studying the ways people grow towards health and happiness. To really understand the full scope of human development I had to go to the very earliest stages which are conception, gestation, birth, and infancy. This is a field known as pre and perinatal psychology.…

For those with a rich inner life, this is for you.

By jessahlum / August 16, 2017

My Thai Massage teacher once advised me to take compliments to my work with as much weight as criticism. It was important, he said, in this therapeutic practice to not become attached to the notion that I was a “good” or perhaps even “the best” therapist that an individual had ever been to. Similarly, someone…

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My Dog Moonshine

By jessahlum / July 5, 2017

If you have ever heard my presentation on thought swapping, you will have heard the story of how I became a dog lover through the practice of focusing on rewards to having a dog, rather than the negative associations of dogs I carry from my past. Try to catch the presentation if you can, but in…

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I started drinking black coffee. Here’s what happened…

By jessahlum / June 26, 2017

It’s been 3 weeks since I began a new health experiment- drinking my coffee black. Lots of people love their coffee black, but I have always been a cream and sugar girl. Then I went to taking it with just the half and half. After going dairy free (from a previous health experiment) I started…

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Monday blues?

By jessahlum / June 19, 2017

It’s Monday. Many peoples’ most dreaded day. If you’re living for the weekend and feeling low on Mondays it may be due to a lack in one key aspect of life…play. Play is about joy. In a world of endless responsibilities, it can feel like a waste of time to stop and engage in something that…

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Whats the difference between a consultant, therapist, and coach?

By jessahlum / June 12, 2017

You have a desire for more, different, better. You have always dreamed big, but lately, it feels like you’ve lost your mojo. You’ve dabbled in this and that but haven’t found your groove. You know life has something big in store for you. Who will support you in living that next dream? The Role of…

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How do you stay inspired?

By jessahlum / June 3, 2017

Fresh Air with Terry Gross is one of my favorite podcasts. I am always inspired by the interviews. Yesterday was one of those days when I woke up feeling exhausted. I had a big day ahead of me and wasn’t sure how I was going to stay resourced. During my lunch break, I decided to…

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How are you choosing to grow?

By jessahlum / May 18, 2017

Clients come in. They sit across from me and ask why things are not getting better. Why is their stress overwhelming? Why are they disengaged from achieving their goals? Why can’t they think of anything to do that would make a difference? Then I begin to share all of the tools I can to help them…

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My Passion Was A Problem

By jessahlum / May 10, 2017

To begin my blog series focusing on personal and professional development I would like to share a story. It’s about a retreat I attended. The experience was a 10-day immersive exploration into how our unconscious worldviews contribute to stress. I knew attending would help me better help my clients in their own growth. My unconscious issues…

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Forget the money. Now what?

By jessahlum / April 25, 2017

If money were no issue, what would you do? This question has been asked a million times. Have you given it much thought? This is a question begging for you to connect to your wildest fantasies and think about how you’d like to engage in life. It can really point to some important and interesting things about…

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Here’s what happens when you’re TOO focused

By jessahlum / April 19, 2017

Michelle was consumed with paying off her debt. When she talked, it was clear that this singular goal had highjacked her mind. She had entered tunnel vision and was quickly losing insight. In her mind, she was doing everything she could- working multiple jobs and putting all of her earnings into debt repayment. She made…

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