Are you an expectant or new parent practicing connection, kindness and conscious parenting?

  • Do you want to live your best parenting life?
  • More balance?
  • Less guilt?
  • Confidence that you’re giving your child the very best start in life?

Help your baby thrive!

Enroll in the Parenting Essentials Package  

Save 50$ when you enroll in 8 weeks of parent baby class time!

Includes Tummy Time and Infant Massage

Designed for babies 2 weeks-pre-crawling

Parenting Essentials

Prepare for the magic of childbirth and immediate newborn bonding, through my compilation of “most important things” in the Baby Blue Prints, Birth and Bonding Class

  • Learn anatomy, stages of labor, and the deal with birth plans
  • Discover mindfulness, yoga, and massage to decrease stress before, during, and after birth
  • Have “no regrets” by understanding the importance of including baby in the birth process
  • Manage conflict and become a stronger couple
  • On top of all of this you will have me cheering from the sidelines and offering on demand support through text as you venture towards (and beyond) the birthday! 
  • 4, 2 hour classes 


Tummy Time

This class is based on the expertise of a Michelle Emanuel, a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience helping babies in the NICu. She is a personal mentor and my trainer in the Tummy Time Method.

  • This is a very specific 8-phase process to help your baby thrive in all aspects of growth, including…
  • Tummy troubles
  • Feeding troubles
  • Full body strength and movement
  • Head shape
  • Learning to handle stress without freaking out!
  • This is a lifelong skill that can begin in infancy, which I find fascinating!
  • 5 weeks class duration


Infant Massage Class

Based on the internationally renowned program from Vimala McClure, this step by step approach to massage makes it easy and fun for everyone!  Massaging your baby helps with:

  • Bonding, feeling safe and secure, boosting your confidence
  • Neurological development (massage is like turning on the “light switches” of your baby’s brain)
  • Understanding your baby’s unique non-verbal communication and help them transition through the day and night
  • Reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing weight gain (just to name a few biggies)!
  • 5 weeks class duration


One on One Coaching

I am fully committed to helping you, your baby, and your family thrive as your personal coach and educator, from pre-conception baby planning to postpartum navigation and beyond.

Baby bodywork and Newborn Consulting

Sometimes you just need to talk through the craziness that is- early parenting. While I listen compassionately and non-judgmentally to everything going on for you related to the birth and newborn parenting, you can learn all the tricks of the trade to help yourself and your baby at home. Fill your cup with my support, so you can give your baby the best. In addition to learning the infant states and cues, you can try massage, baby yoga, and craniosacral therapy. Through my gentle techniques, you can help your baby with

  • Gestational constraint and impacts of the birth process
  • Head turning preferences
  • Muscle tightness
  • Torticollis
  • Head flattening
  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Asymmetries
  • Trouble at the breast
  • Tongue and lip tie pre and post revision
  • Constipation


Couples Coaching

Welcoming a new family member (that sweet lil babe) can really shake up your relationship. Get back on track before you need marriage counseling through my strength based, forward focused coaching…

  • Create a shared family mission statement, including a set of values to live by and a vision for life moving forward
  • Learn communication skills and how to meet everybody’s needs as they impact they family
  • Manage conflict in a way that teaches your child healthy coping skills
  • Co-create a psychologically safe family so everyone can thrive



Since 2008, the Happy Families Happy Babies philosophy has been built around principles of pre and perinatal psychology and body-based (or somatic) experiences. It’s a truly mind-body-spirit approach. I have dedicated my professional life to gaining the knowledge to help you parent from your best self! My credentials include…

  • Master of Pre and Perinatal Psychology
  • Batchelor of Human Development and Family Studies
  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, 200 hr Kunga
  • Certified Educator in Infant Massage
  • Certified Infant Craniosacral Therapist
  • Tummy Time Method Trained
  • Gottman Method Trained
  • Certified in Barry Brazelton’s Developmental Touch Points, Level 1
  • Formerly DONA trained and certified birth doula (7 years was good!)
  • Creator of Baby Blue Prints, Infant Centered Birth and Bonding Class