Behavior change

What would it take to make this choice…?

What arises within you when I say happiness is a choice? It took me a long time to really connect with this truth. To know it in my soul. It took  constant redirection of my thoughts and pushing myself into the behaviors I knew would provide the rewards worth working for. It feels like two sides […]

Why I am doing whole 30

It’s January so talk of cleanses and detoxes is everywhere. We all have personal reasons for embarking on a health tune up, and today I will share my reasons for doing the evermore popular, Whole 30 Program. For me, Whole 30 means the elimination of sugar, honey and maple syrup, dairy, grains, legumes, and alcohol. […]

How I reverse negative thinking

In case you missed it, today I am sharing a presentation I gave last month on my concept Thought Swapping. Thought swapping enables you to become open to new possibilities and replace bad habits with better choices. This process maximizes opportunities for personal and professional growth by allowing you to see how your behaviors are driven […]

Road map to success

I cannot believe we are already in the last month of 2016. This has been my fastest year ever. While I love reflecting on the major events of the past year, I also like to consider what the new year holds. Tis the season for holiday decadence, so let’s all promise to enjoy, without judgment, […]