Month: April 2017

Forget the money. Now what?

If money were no issue, what would you do? This question has been asked a million times. Have you given it much thought? This is a question begging for you to connect to your wildest fantasies and think about how you’d like to engage in life. It can really point to some important and interesting things about […]

Here’s what happens when you’re TOO focused

Michelle was consumed with paying off her debt. When she talked, it was clear that this singular goal had highjacked her mind. She had entered tunnel vision and was quickly losing insight. In her mind, she was doing everything she could- working multiple jobs and putting all of her earnings into debt repayment. She made […]

Money and (un)happiness

Money cannot buy happiness. Sometimes I think otherwise. Sometimes I think that a shopping spree at J. Crew, or a vacation to someplace tropical, or a West Elm redesign is what my life is lacking. Sometimes I think if all my debt was paid I would have a different perspective. But I know that these […]

Your past affects your cash

Money. Love it or hate it, at least admit it is a huge part of life. Some of us are driven towards making more as a means to “freedom”. For some, money is an abstraction. Some of us have overspent, leading to debt. Money can be hoarded, avoided, and obsessed over. Money can be a source […]