Month: March 2017

Are you a shop-a-holic?

The phone rang. It was Steve. He wanted to resume his coaching. It had been 6 months since his last session. “How have things been going?”, I asked. Steve had been to a chiropractor, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a nutritionist, and an energy worker. He was feeling “better”, but still struggling with the things that originally brought […]

Step 3: See a vision, take some action

The past couple of blogs have been about how to turn complaints into changes for improved health and wellness. Step 1: You realize there is work to do. Step 2: You start to embrace the opportunities to grow through your stress. Now, what are you going to do with all of that spiritual consciousness? You are going to […]

More of what we want

For most of us busy professional types, there are external drivers pushing our schedule. Meetings, deadlines, project management, task completion. We are familiar with the feeling of reacting to a stimulus- alarm goes off, baby cries, phone rings. We watch the clock. We are pressed for time. How often do you allow yourself to be […]

Step 2: Stress as Spiritual Consciousness

When we hide from our pain, we hide from our potential.  We may stay in hiding for years, and for good reasons! A sense of safety, comfort with the familiarity, naivety of how to adapt, lack of support… Once we make the choice to come out of hiding, then what? Seeing all of the objects of […]

Step 1: Stop Hiding

Have you ever been given a gift of feedback that changed the course of your life? When I was in an intense educational process a massive and unexpected change occurred in my life. It shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise considering the motto of the school was “learning that changes lives”. I guess […]

After I heard this, life was never the same…

It took brutal honesty. It came from my college roommate. “If you have things to complain about, you need to make some changes.” This week I will be posting a series of blogs sharing some of the ways that this statement enables me (still to this day, all these years later) to rise above the […]

What is your dream?

Do you know what you’re working towards? A paycheck, or pay out? To give your children opportunities? To buy or build that dream house? Success, esteem or recognition? Maybe you’re working a plan that will open up opportunities for greater joy and connection to purpose. What is your dream? At the end of the day […]

How do you know you’re afraid?

For the last 10 years of owning a business I have been afraid to write, to put myself out there for the world to see. I know I am afraid when I feel resistant, avoidant,  and defensive. I know the only way to over come my fear is to just do. This is why, if you […]

What would it take to make this choice…?

What arises within you when I say happiness is a choice? It took me a long time to really connect with this truth. To know it in my soul. It took  constant redirection of my thoughts and pushing myself into the behaviors I knew would provide the rewards worth working for. It feels like two sides […]

10 Benefits of Impostor syndrome

I finally have a self diagnosis that makes sense. Impostors Syndrome. Thanks internet!! Impostor syndrome is the inability to internalize achievements as meaningful; and, the doubt or disbelief that oneself is talented, capable, creative, smart, etc. despite evidence to the contrary. I thought it was just low self esteem! I can clearly see the pattern. Yesterday, […]