Month: November 2016

What is your body telling you?

In a culture where the mind rules as the leader of knowledge, and the body is seen as merely a vehicle to move us from place to place, there is a missed opportunity to use the body as a source of information. Even this statement, separating the mind from the body, is misleading because the […]

The Gratitude Game

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and many of us are planning our meals and finalizing the guest list without much thought of the many blessings of our lives. Does your holiday feel like something to do, rather than an opportunity to be present in your appreciation? I am guilty of allowing days or weeks to pass without focusing […]

Self awareness through accupuncture

Today I had the most lovely of unexpected experiences. I was invited by Julie Hackmann, L.Ac. founder and acupuncturist of Oceana Accupuncture to visit her newly opened Wilmington, NC practice. Julie specializes in women’s reproductive issues and is certified to provide fertility and prenatal treatments. Her boutique office near Wrightsville Beach is absolutely gorgeous, second […]

Be the change- a meditation on positivity

Today is the day after a historic presidential election. Never have I witnessed greater disparity between parties. Friendships are breaking up over politics and even I (one committed to remaining neutral in an effort to best support the growth of others) am taking some time to process how I feel. Nobody knows yet what this […]