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Jess teaches breathwork, meditation, and yoga postures in small group and private formats.

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How engaged do you feel in the creation of your own happiness, health, and purpose? How could life change with a (slight) attitude adjustment?

Life can be lived by design. We can detach from stress and find peace of mind. Focused attention on health and healing enables us to push past fear, build confidence, and create new storylines for ourselves.

Health Impacts provides professional coaching for extraordinary people, who are getting clear on their vision and taking actionable steps towards change. The approach blends science, spirit, and strategy to meet individuals where they are, helping them achieve their goals across a holistic definition of health.

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How are health and happiness created? Professional coach, Jess Ahlum, has been exploring this question since a very early age when she noticed the adults around her seemed stressed out and unhappy. For the last 20 years, she has been following her dream of helping others discover their answer with integrative, out-of-the box methods for personal growth and healing.

On a foundation of human development and family studies, Jess continued to build her skills as a somatic practitioner licensed in massage and bodywork therapy. To round out her mind-body approach to health and healing she completed her Master’s degree in clinical psychology, specializing in pre and perinatal psychology. Rather than treating mental health disorders, she opted to work as a professional coach and trained with Duke Integrative Medicine.


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Balance. Peace of mind. Time to enjoy what you work for. How would it feel to leave work at work? To come home with a clear head? To bring your best back to the family? To have some time for yourself again?

You have to make a living. You are fueled by success. But are you following your passion? Let’s get you closer to living your purpose and rising above your frustrations.

People are counting on you. You are counting on you. You can count on me to get you to the next level. Let’s get started- today!

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