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Hello, I'm Jess Ahlum...

Thanks for checking out my company, HEALTH IMPACTS!

I'm in the business of helping people become better people. My clients are interested in becoming more self-aware, healthy, happy and positive. They want to raise a healthier generation of children, thrive through happy, connected relationships, find, and then focus on their own success.

Because everyone's journey through wellness is unique, I offer a variety of educational and therapeutic services. My work is grounded in psychology, yoga, coaching, and bodywork. My clients are all ages and stages of life which makes for a very diversified practice.



My philosophy...

At my core I am a developmental psychologist, studying the ways people grow towards health and happiness. To really understand the full scope of human development I had to go to the very earliest stages which are conception, gestation, birth, and infancy. This is a field known as pre and perinatal psychology. Discovering this body of knowledge changed my worldview of health and disease and shaped my professional practice.

I believe the more babies we can help have a strong start the better chances we have for collective peace. To effect change, parents need to be supported in understanding and giving their babies what they developmentally need. I have dedicated my professional life to learning ways to help families in the prenatal - precrawling stages.

The services and education specific to prenatal, pediatric, and parenting health fall under my Happy Families Happy Babies brand, inside of Health Impacts. I provide prenatal education for birth and bonding, couples coaching, and manual therapy for babies.


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Jess is an intelligent and insightful individual who gifts the people in her life with her wisdom and her caring. She approaches life with love and playfulness. I have the privilege of calling this woman an ally of mine.


I take meditation sessions with Jess. If it wasn’t for her, I probably would never learn how to meditate (tried multiple times before). She makes it a breeze to enter the “right state” and I feel like a different person after taking a session. Especially helpful when you have a stressful day. 


Jess knows babies! I immediately trusted her and she was so gentle and calm with my baby girl! Jess guided us through things to do to help that and went beyond the session doing research for particular exercises for us to try. 


Jess is seriously magical with babies! Experiencing her healing gift on my tongue tied / colicky / crappy sleeping baby has been pretty amazing. He recovered beautifully after his tie was released, slept better and even started hating the carseat less, and I know its due to the craniosacral touch and mouth work Jess did…


Jess is a gifted communicator and has a knack for creating meaningful metaphors that can transform a sensitive conversation into a strategy for advancement.  She helps me get out of my own way and provides accountability and support in a way that is most helpful. 


Since working with Jess I have been more focused on the big picture and feeling great. I cannot stress enough how the coaching has impacted my life as I strive for the the best year yet. 


Jessica’s style is caring and personalized. I came to her for coaching as I moved through two different major life transitions. The tools I learned helped me focus on my renewed sense of purpose- to maintain my own personal healthy balance in life.


I came to Jessica needing help getting focused and prioritizing both professional and personal goals. Her coaching skills have taught me more than I ever expected. I now have a work/life balance that didn’t exist before and I am so excited to continue my journey with her guidance.


Jessica helped me tap into an inner strength and peace that I will always be grateful for. She’s amazing at what she does.

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Health is so much more than diet and fitness! My clients are actively working to build self-awareness and make holistic lifestyle changes. My approach considers 10 core areas of life that all influence the other. When you start seeing how interrelated aspects of your life are, it will become easier and easier to achieve sustainable balance. The more balanced you are, the better off everyone around you becomes. It’s a win-win!!

From The News Room:

For those with a rich inner life, this is for you.

August 16, 2017

My Thai Massage teacher once advised me to take compliments to my work with as much weight as criticism. It was important, he said, in this therapeutic practice to not become attached to the notion that I was a “good” or perhaps even “the best” therapist that an individual had ever been to. Similarly, someone…

My Dog Moonshine

July 5, 2017

If you have ever heard my presentation on thought swapping, you will have heard the story of how I became a dog lover through the practice of focusing on rewards to having a dog, rather than the negative associations of dogs I carry from my past. Try to catch the presentation if you can, but in…

I started drinking black coffee. Here’s what happened…

June 26, 2017

It’s been 3 weeks since I began a new health experiment- drinking my coffee black. Lots of people love their coffee black, but I have always been a cream and sugar girl. Then I went to taking it with just the half and half. After going dairy free (from a previous health experiment) I started…