Pull Back, Refocus

Hey go-getter!
Feeling stressed? Over-committed? Burned out? Time for a mental makeover?

Schedule your Cast of Characters Experience And live through a new perspective today!

Are you ready?

I am fully committed to helping high-flyers just like you accelerate success by pulling back just enough to see things through a new perspective. Then..BAM! With renewed focused you will hit your target with less struggle and self sabotage. There’s no turning back for those who master control over their internal mind scripts.


Ready for next level greatness? Schedule your Health Impacts Cast of Characters Experience.
90 minute virtual or in person coaching session
Discover and integrate your competing mind scripts (the ones holding you back and the ones pushing you to the top of your game)
Rewrite the script to cast your most confident voice in the starring role
Develop the mindset tools needed to keep yourself on track and enjoy an exponentially elevated sense of self awareness

Self awareness is the foundation for continued success.

Reverse negative thinking

Spend more time in joy and play
Identify and revamp the “hats” you wear each day
Shine light on the fears secretly (or not so secretly) holding you back
Allow your authentic essence to shine everywhere you go

Mastery of your internal mind scripts is an essential element to effective leadership and achieving true greatness, regardless of your pursuit.


Mental Makeover

Continue the work with your Health Impacts Mental Makeover
4 weeks of personal coaching to build on your Cast of Characters Experience
Customized virtual and in person formats to meet your on the go needs
Instant text replies at the pivotal moments of change

Honestly, everyone needs a coach. Setting goals alone is useless without a partner, confidant, and mirror to reflect back what’s happening.

Visualize and live (even more) your best life
Practice patience when you’re having a shitty day (learn to let it go)
Name your values and align your personal brand with authenticity
Identify patterns of behavior that hold you back from maximizing your time each day
Create intentions to “observe” your mind scripts in action, then revise, revise, revise…
Re-cast your best self as the star in your world, letting go of things that no longer serve you

The road to success will became a whole lot smoother.

Additional Services

Work Place Wellness

To broaden the Health Impacts, I offer workplace wellness programs on a made to order basis. Whether you need a one time knock-their-socks-off presentation, a full day attitude-adjustment workshop, or a transnational multi-week program, I can deliver. Contact me today, and we will get a plan in motion.


 Everyone comes to retreat for a different reason, I will help you clarify an intention for your get away, and make the most of your time through thoughtfully planned activities including yoga, surfing, paddling boarding, personal coaching, nutrition planning, and more. Check the events page for our annual retreat calendar!

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